Ethics Summit, March 29, 2018 

Immediate SEAC Past President, Cal Bellamy (left); Keynote Speaker, Father David Link (center); and Current SEAC President, Dan Klein (right)..
Attendees enjoying an early breakfast. Electronic devices in the foreground were used to record the audience participation in discussions of Case Studies, posing ethical questions.
Indiana State Inspector General, Lori A. Torres (right) and her colleagues.
SEAC Immediate Past President, Cal Bellamy and Rick Hug, retired Professor, IndianaUniversity Northwest, who served as Master of Ceremonies and Moderator of the Case Study discussions.
U.S. House Representative, Pete Visclosky and Keynote Speaker, Father David Link.
Attendees at the Ethics Summit
Judge Marissa McDermott and Father David Link.
Father David Link addressing the audience at the Ethics Summit.
Morton Marcus, Columnist, shares comments on the Case Studies.
Current SEAC Officers, Dan Klein, President (right) and Courtney C. Smith, Vice President (left).
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