MEDIA COVERAGE in 2012 January 12, 2012TIMES guest editorial by Larry Tumbleson, a member of Valparaiso Ethics Commission, titled “Top 10 list for ensuring ethics in government.” Joining the Commission was listed as number 6.January 19, 2012TIMES editorial, titled, “Lake officials join ethics movement.”  Note:  While the Interlocal Agreement was approved, the county balked at approving the Code of Shared Ethics and Values.  Consequently, the process did not move forward.  January 19, 2012 Post Tribune news story, titled “New Commissioners’ assistant sent home,” reporting on the Commissioners’ vote to join the Commission.  January 30, 2012TIMES editorial, titled “Ethics wagon picking up speed.”February 5, 2012TIMES news story, titled “Trained on a NEW ERA,” concerning ethics training for County employees.  February 19, 2012TIMES news story, “Dyer latest municipality to join Ethics Commission.”February 19, 2012TIMES news story reporting on the Town of Dyer’s decision to join the Commission.  February 24, 2012TIMES news story, titled “Freeman-Wilson sees challenges, progress,” noting desire to join Commission.February 28, 2012Lakeshore Public Radio interview on Commission’s work.February 28, 2012TIMES editorial entitled “Benchmarks for true progress in Gary,” mentioning the Commission.March 13, 2012TIMES editorial, entitled “Indictment promotes ethics in government,” urging membership in the Commission.April 5, 2012TIMES news story titled “Mayor pushes for East Chicago to join Shared Ethics Commission.”April 5, 2012Post Tribune news story, titled “East Chicago mayor wants to join Ethics Commission.”April 5, 2012Lakeshore Public TV report on the work of the Commission.April 6, 2012Post Tribune news story, titled “Judge: Keep shining light on corruption,” report on the Commission’s Ethics in Government breakfast.”April 6, 2012TIMES news story, title “Officials: NWI ethics movement taking hold,” also a report on the Ethics breakfast.April 10, 2012TIMES editorial, titled “Ethics movement worth joining.”April 19, 2012TIMES news story, titled “Merrillville contemplates joining ethics group.”August 23, 2012TIMES captioned picture, titled “What’s the ethical response,” reporting on the train the trainer program hosted by the Commission.August, 2012Society of Innovators’ own newsletter, announcing the Commission’s induction into the Society of Innovators.August 26, 2012TIMES news story, titled “Society honors top innovation for August,” acknowledging the Commission’s induction to the Society of Innovators of Northwest Indiana.August 28, 2012TIMES editorial, titled “Philpot provides incentive for ethics training.”September 6, 2012Lake County Bar Association flyer announcing Commission presentation to the Association’s Municipal Law Section.September 12, 2012Post-Tribune news story, titled “Dyer cop may vote on pension benefit.”  Commission President quoted in article.September 15, 2012TIMES news story, titled “Conflict of interest is suggested with Cinko.”  Commission President quoted in article.September 20, 2012TIMES editorial, titled “Dyer situation shows need for new law,” citing Dyer’s recent membership in the Commission.September 23, 2012TIMES guest editorial by Calumet College President Dan Lowry, titled “Indicators point way for improved quality of life,” referencing the Commission’s work.October 5, 2012TIMES editorial, titled “ Shore up public’s trust in local government,” urging communities to join the Commission.October 9, 2012One Region, Quality of Life Indicators report, referencing the Commission’s work in the report’s Government Section.October 30, 2012Post Tribune news story, titled “Ethical dilemmas examined,” reporting on Commission’s Board and Commission training.October 30, 2012TIMES news story, titled “Public officials attend ethics training.”December 16, 2012Post Tribune news article, titled “Ethics complaint against Portage mayor dropped;” article cites our Code of Shared Ethics and values.

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